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Understanding the Ethnic Geography of China


First, understand the provinces of China:


When people think of China, they all assume that everyone in China is Chinese, speaks Chinese, looks and live like this:


Now let’s look at the Ethnic Make-Up of China!


Look how many Han Chinese there are? But first things first! All the Han Chinese do not speak the same language! Chinese is probably as useful as saying the “Europeans”.

Let’s pretend that Europe is combined into a single country! But with London as the Capital City, and everyone is officially, “European” and they all speak “European”, with European English as the official language of Europe! The French, German, Spanish and Russians? Nope, they’re all entirely like the official English European.

Same goes with China. China is much larger than Europe, speaking different languages, eating different foods, practicing different religions, wearing different clothing. Beijing is the capital, with Mandarin Chinese as the official language of the entire country. 

Now let’s look at the Han Chinese languages:


Mandarin Chinese not only has it’s “Northern, Eastern, Southwestern” dialects, but they even break up into more different dialects and accents from different region, city and province. To simplify it, they simply grouped everyone together.

Southern Chinese languages cannot mutually understand with any other Chinese. That’s like an Englishman trying to communicate with a German, a Dutch, or a Danish. They all belong from the same language group, but they cannot understand one another mutually.

But what about the other Non-Han Chinese?


See where Han is at? (Look where Beijing would be!) That is the original homeland of all Han Chinese people.

There are officially 56 Ethnic Groups in China, but there are hundreds and even more that are unofficial and undocumented. It’s the Chinese government way of saying, “Meh. Saffron, Violet and Pink are the same thing. Let’s just call it “Red”.

But how did Han Chinese became the major language and ethnic group of China?


Through conquest! Very much like how the Romans of today Italy killed, pillaged, raped and took over the Gauls of France, the Germania of Central Europe and the Britannia’s of the British Isles, and turned them “Roman” through colonization and expansion!image

But what makes China a unique case, is that the surviving natives of the Northern Han conquest, is that they still retain much of their native cultures. They survived, because most of the ethnic groups lived up in the mountains, where the ancient Han Chinese were too lazy to bring their armies up mountains:


Those who were colonized and assimilated into Chinese culture?


The Vietnamese were colonized by the Chinese more than three times.


Korea was colonized/tributing state for the longest time ever.


And Southern China! They would be influenced and assimilated strongest to Northern Chinese culture and language!

But why is everyone considered Chinese?

Same bullshit as your government saying that you’re an American, Canadian, British, Australian, etc. etc. citizen. It’s like a rich White straight male, taking control of the government and dictating how you live, under his life style. The Han Chinese says that everyone is all Chinese.

Chinese Dialects?

It’s another bullshit ideology.

Is French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese a dialect of Europe? No. They are their own distinct languages. They may come from the same Roman history, the same Romance language family, but they are their own language. Teochow, Hakka, Minnan, Cantonese, Mandarin, etc. etc. are their own distinct language and ethnicity.

Unified China?

To unify Germany, Hitler said that the German Race was the greatest race! Germans from all over Europe, the German Swiss, the Austrian Germans, etc. etc. united as a single “Race” and rose to power.

To unify China, Northern Chinese Emperors said that they were the greatest race! And attempted to conquer everyone else, killing anyone who wasn’t “Chinese”. This was done for more than 3,000 years, resulting in many extinct native cultures and ethnicities in China, and resulting many cultures (like Korea, Vietnam and even Taiwan) to assimilate into Northern Han Chinese culture.

This is happening now in Tibet and elsewhere in non-Han Chinese regions, including Southeast Asia.

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Creative Fashionary sketches by Grace Ciao

Grace is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite materials are watercolours and flowers. Here are her amazing Fashionary sketches inspired by flowers!

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I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am… I am a faun. Your most humble servant.

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now THAT’s a soundtrack w dual audioooo

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sili and scone got CE ToS Chronicles. they came w these and we get to put them together—

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c o m m i s s i o n . p r i c e s

style A1 - $2

bouncing pixel icon. example shown is a typical 50x50 size made for deviantart. you may request matching icons if you are buying. 

style A2 - $5+

150x150 animated pixel gif. basic price includes a single character bouncing, blinking, and one extra animation of choice [eg: ear twitch, tail flick, hearts ]. extra characters include the same animations.

  • additional props and/or animations will be +$1 [ eg: bouncing [$1] moon prop[$1] = +$2 ]
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style A3 - $8+

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style B - $5+

full color, fully body chibi. non pixeled.

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c o n t a c t . m e

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Streaming: Disney's Brave

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